We bloody love a bit of Niall Horan here at Sugarscape. We love his charm, his golden locks, the way he laughs hysterically at his own jokes, and the cheeky glint he always has in his eyes.

We’re pleased to hear that he likes his eyes too, but it saddens us to the BOTTOM OF OUR SOULS that there’s not much else about himself he’s willing to talk up.

We Love Pop magazine asked him what the sexiest thing about him was;

My eyes,” he said.

It’s the only thing I do like about my body. I feel awkward talking about it actually.”


We’re sure we’re not the only ones who think there’s more hot stuff about Niall than his eyes, so why dontcha leave your comments about the rest of Niall’s gorgeousness in the box below and we’ll tweet him the link.

Or he might read it himself, he loves a bit of Sugarscape. *smug*



  1. His eyes, his smile, his laugh, his personality, his voice, his hair, his cute little nose, how nice he seems, his sense of humour, just him he’s beautiful<3

  2. NIALLLL! You are defiantly my favorite part of One Direction. I’m a sucker for blond guys with amazing smiles xD On top of your good looks, your personality is just perfect! You don’t seem to be afraid to be yourself witch I respect soo much! I love your goofy-ness and how you’re always just doin’ your thaang. And don’t even get me started on your laughing ;D Can’t wait for 1D to tour the US.
    Love, Paige the one and only
    ps: come to California!! c’mon ya know you wanna! I’ll teach you how to surf if you want (;

  3. I like how u r soooo loud! :) its really attractive plus ur laugh as well and how u continuously crack up at stupid stuff it makes me grin from ear to ear. and ur accent is sexy xD Oh and ur blonde hair U R MY FAV PART OF ONE DIRECTION ATW!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Everything about Niall is AMAZING!! Niall, you are my favorite in One Direction if that makes you feel any better. I know exactly how you feel because I don’t have a super high confidence either! But I want you to know that not only are your eyes to die for but the way you laugh at everything (like I do), your accent, your hair, your BEAUTIFUL smile (yes, I like the way you smile with your eyes… ;) and basically everything else is also to die for. You have the cutest personality – DON’T EVER CHANGE! I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE :)
    I hope someday I can meet you ;)
    Love (your biggest fan),
    Bridget <3
    P.S. I hope you see this and it makes you feel like your on top of the world because you are!! Keep up the good work! I'm cheering for you!!!! xxX

  5. I luvvvv u Niall! I can’t believe the only thing u like about u is ur eyes! I can’t believe u don’t know ur beautiful! I luv ur eyes – that blue/green is gorgeous! And Ur hair is amazing and blonde! Who doesn’t love blonde?! And ur laugh is adorable! And ur really funny and u seem nice and I like that u dont wanna have sex b4 ur married – sweet innocent boy ;) i <3 ur personality and ur LOOKS R BEAUTIFUL! Ur amazing <3

    • Also, (weird but true!) I luv ur cheeks! Theyre so cute! I luv ur nose it reminds me of one of my best friends noses and ur teeth r so cute! I love u <3

  6. Niall only thinks his eyes are his best feature? try his beautiful personality, his eyes of coarse, his smile, his laugh, he always can cheer you up (even a glance makes me blush.) Hes loud..and i love it <3 He is every thing i want in a boyfriend. I would be glad to call him my boyfriend (but we all know that he will never be my boyfriend) But, from what i have heard, he is shy and cares about what others think. Niall should care what others think, but if its negative, just let it cross your mind and not come back. I would not change anything about him, not one thing! Im from Atlantic Highlands, NJ. And if me and him were to ever date theres not really a possible way to comunicate..his family lives in Mulligar, Ireland and i live in New Jersey, he wouldnt travel across the world for a day to spend time with me. If i met Niall, i know for sure i would not "fangirl" infront of 5'5, brown eyes, light brown hair (you've kinda got an idea of what i look like now, haha) I'd give up anything to spend one whole day with him. I love how he loves eatig and sleeping…well cause thats excactly what im doing! i love to just chill and whatch movies, mostly scary movies or romantic like The Notebook or the Titanic. My all time favorite scary movies are..Prom Night, Paranormal Activity, and the Grudge or the Ring. Its better to watch with a boyfriend, haha. Face the facts Niall..your amazing! Anybody would be lucky to have someone like you..<3

  7. No way we all love Niall and he has a sexy body I DO NOT agree Niall we all love and we love Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn too don’t think u ain’t hot babe cuz u r honey and we love you to bits xoxo 

  8. Niall James Horan,
    You are so perfect! Your hair is gorgeous blonde or brown. I love it. You’re right, the eyes are to die for. But there is soooo much more to you that you don’t see. Your smile is adorable. You have no flaws. Every guy in the world that insults you is only jealous. Now yes, you are the most attractive guy I’ve see. But that’s not the only reason why i love 1D. You all have unseen beauties too. Your musical ability is over the roof. And I’m not just some girl that thinks „okay, they sound good. They’re talented.” I know what I’m talking about with music. It’s my passion. I play myself. I am honestly jealous of you for being so much better. YOU’RE PERFECT. NEVER GET DOWN ON YOURSELF. <3
    -MatneyShea <3

  9. Niall, your eyes aren’t the only attractive or sexy thing about you……..what I’m trying to say is that It’s not your eyes your smile the way you laugh–even though your laugh makes me laugh every time I hear it–or that you’re so loud. It’s just the way you are in general that I absolutely love……well not only me but also your fans. To me your attitude is just the BEST and sometimes I wish I was more like you….which is more free spirit and you aren’t afraid to show anybody the real you and especially the kiddish side of you which I love. I don’t know if this is much help….but I’m a lot like you or you’re a lot like me?
    Anna E.

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