When you’re stuck in a house with a bunch of people – and one of them is Wagner – it’s no surprise that you naturally gravitate towards the fun people who are closer to your age, like Liam Payne did with Cher Lloyd, and we tried to do with Aiden Grimshaw. Sigh.

Liam and Cher seemed like they lived in each other’s pockets for a while during the X Factor last year, and then it all went kaput.

Why Liam? WHY?

“Me and Cher were good mates,” Liam told We Love Pop magazine.

We’re from a similar place and, being a similar age, we just got on. It was nothing romantic or anything, but when ITV found out they asked us for an interview and were like  “So you two have been getting on really well?” and we said we were mates.

They asked us if we were going out and from then she never spoke to me again.”

Oh Liam, it brings a tear to the eye – and a question to the mind. We’re pretty sure One Direction and Cher are still mates…

Ooh – and the lovebites from Louis Tomlinson mentioned on the cover? You can see one live in action in our 1D video of joy;

All five covers of We Love Pop are out NOW. Each has the cover star’s solo interview inside, as well as the group interview.


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