So in case you’ve been living in a bubble made out of vampire skin and have been immune to everything going on in the world for the past few days, One Direction were on the X Factor last night and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

They did an amazayn performance of Gotta Be You with Harry effortlessly hitting all the high notes and Louis not-so-subtly pulling confetti out of his mouth, and then hung around to have an awkward chat on the Xtra Factor with Caroline Flack. More on that later.

Most importantly though, the boys went outside and there were photographers there.

We were gonna shop the red-eye out of Harry’s face here but it kind of makes him look like a tanned member of the Volturi, so we’ve kept it in.

Don’t worry Liam, when you’re photographed on your own and not with the rest of the group in the co-ordinated clothes that suit doesn’t look weird at all.

Did you borrow that jacket off Frankie Sandford ey Louis? Just wondering. It’s totes manly… ahem.

Slightly unfortunate timing for that bloke standing behind Zayn there. Slightly.

PS. Hello,Sean!!! :D

We can’t keep up with all the outfit changes!

Doh. It’s the end. El photographer didn’t seem to take too many pics of Louis or Liam so we’ve done some nice close-up crops over the next few pages if you’re interested *raises eyebrow*…

Ok now it’s actually the end. Sorry.


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