For those of you who have been living on another planet One Direction‘s Harry Styles, 17, and Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack, 31, were spotted kissing not so long ago.

We were all waiting with baited breath for the interview with One Direction on Xtra Factor this weekend. Caroline Flack and Harry Styles would have to face each other, on camera, and with nowhere to hide. What’s more Louis Tomlinson was going to be there with one mission, encouraged by all One Direction fans, to make it as AWKWARD as possible.

Mission achieved, Louis Tomlegendson! At least, that’s the name trending on Twitter this morning after his wicked shenanigans.

We’ve got the video over the page, but lets recount the most awkard moments, Olly Murs helped Louis out too…

Olly Murs: Thanks Harry for the flowers and I got a kiss (turns to Caroline with a high five) SNAP!
Caroline: Snap.

Caroline: How is it being back on the X Factor?
Harry: It’s nice, just walking down corridors, it’s nice.
Louis: I think he’s quite nervous around you.

Caroline: You’re a Kitty fan were you sad to see her go?
Harry (who can barely look straight at her): Erm, I don’t know, it’s really like unpredictable at this stage of the competition.
Olly: You like the ‘over’ category right?
Harry: Yeah I do… I like the overs.

Olly: Harry, which girl do you fancy the most?
Louis (instantly): Caroline.

Harry: Maybe in the coming weeks he’ll switch it up a bit and maybe we’ll see a different side of him (smiling, looking uncomfortable)… I can’t say anything.
Louis: You’re just really nervous aren’t you Harry?

Harry *general coughing*.

Harry: They should just make sure they work hard (something’s going on we can’t see but Harry is very distracted) you know like I think a lot of people might want to take a break… seriously man? (To Louis)
Louis: You’re just so distracting man everything you say is like…

Then at the end Olly Murs gives Caroline a kiss on the nose and, well, we’ll let you find out what happens, click NEXT to watch…



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