The boys today

me & harry today :)

me & bby horan today <3

me and liam today 

Credit to

us and the boys :) take two

me the girls and the boys on the sofa :) @amybarhamxx @AbbieLawrence_ @SassGilmour and ellie :)

me and harry today :) i look ugly but o well

me and @Real_Liam_Payne and @AbbieLawrence_  today

today :P

looks like we pushed niall on  the floor.....

Credit to @Clemmie_Rampley

me and liam again todayyy :)

me and louis, hate this had to black and white it :$

me and liam :)

another one of me and harry x

me and harry today, i have like no face cos my camera is shit

Credit to @charlottegx_

Credit to @ellie_isobel

Hazzzzzzza x\

This couldn't get any more wintery. xxxxxxx


So in luv with zayns jacket. My eyes look so nice.....

Me and Niall today, x

Credit to @stephalarrrrrr

Me and Niall Horan. 16/11/2011.<br />
(I look awful)

Credit to

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