Even though it’s hard for us to swallow we know that One Direction’s Harry Styles has a major crush on Caroline Flack. They have kissed and when she interviewed him on Xtra Factor he was practically drooling. Now he has opened up about it and admits he’d like to take her on a date…. to McDonalds.

Wow Harry what a charmer. You could treat her to a Big Mac or even splash out on a KFC and show her your Whopper.

Harry Styles told Now magazine, „She’s very nice. I do have a crush on her.

*Heart breaks into a thousand pieces.*

He continued, „If she asked me I’d love to take her out. How about McDonalds?

However, a down-in-the-dumps Harry accepts that she might be already taken, by Olly Murs.

Apparently she’s seeing Olly Murs. I wouldn’t want to share her with Olly.”

What a love triangle, ay?


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