Did you have to drag yourself away from the TV this morning when ALL you wanted to do was stay in bed and watch One Direction on BBC Breakfast? Do not cry, we have the interview here for you and you don’twant to miss it. The boys talk performing on the X Factor, dueting with JLS, who likes to cook in the house and Liam Payne has got NEW HAIR.

So Liam’s had straight hair, which we loved, then he went very long and curly, which we loved, and now he’s doing an amalgamation of two, shorter and straight but with some curly flicks. Guess what? We love it. Liam you could style it into two horns and dye it green and we’d still fancy ya.

Let’s have a closer look…

Good level of flick-age there.

During the interview the boys were asked if they could swap their hair with any of their bandmates who they’d choose.

Niall admits, „I’d go Harry’s because he just dries his.

While Harry deliberates, „I’d have either Louis’ or Zayn’s.

Ooo imagine Harry with Zayn’s hair. Weird.


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