We wouldn’t change One Direction‘s Niall Horan for the world. Actually scrap that, if changing him meant making him our boyfriend and him not finding it weird that a *ahem* slightly older lady was his special someone, then yeah we’d change him.

Glad we’ve got that cleared.

Anyway, Niall sat down for a lovely chat with We Love Pop and during which seemed to be on a little downer about himself, saying that he wasn’t as confident as people think he is. In fact his confidence can be so low at times, poor lamb, that there’s another member of 1D who he’d like to swap places with.

I’d love to be Louis,” divulged Niall as he dug out some stripes and put a pair of espadrilles on.

I’d love to be as confident as he is. He’s always laughing and messing about. He loves the craic.

“He’s very good for moral as well. He doesn’t really care what people think.”

Niall you ferrickin’ sweetie bottom, what a lovely thing to say. However as much as we love Luigi T (and oh we do), we wouldn’t want you to be anyone else, ALRIGHT? (That was our well’ard voice.)

If you could be a member of 1D who would it be? We’d quite like to be Harry Styles’ right nostril.

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