Harry Styles had a bit of a worry the first time he had sex – even though he used a condom – and it seems that although all the other boys are big condom fans (YAY FOR JONNIES) they’re not too keen about bringing out their own range just yet.

I wouldn’t like to endorse condoms because of the jokes that would be made,” Liam told OK!

[Puts on voice] ‘Are you even old enough to have sex?'”

„It could be a bit embarrassing if someone gave you your own condoms,” added Zayn.

But it’s good for us to endorse safe sex.”

I wouldn’t want my face going on a condom!” exclaimed Louis, in a calm, low-pitched voice we imagine. Full of testosterone that one.

It’s always a good idea to carry one though, because things can easily happen in the heat of the moment.

Louis, don’t even TALK about heating of moments to us. We’re getting all hot under our Peter-Pan collars. Jeez.


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