X Factor: Rebecca Ferguson will NOT be getting back with One Direction’s Zayn Malik

Rebecca Ferguson has insisted that she and Zayn Malik will NOT be getting back together – ever!

The former X Factor runner up dated the One Direction singer for a few months earlier this year but announced their split in May. At the time Malik put the breakup down to workload and shifting focus but claimed that they may be able to make things work down the line, when life was less hectic for both of them.

However Rebecca has rubbished his claimed and in an interview with The Mirror, insisted:

I’ve moved on to be honest, we won’t be getting back together.

Explaining the split she added:

At the time I made a mature decision to split up because it wasn’t working. I’ve got my kids and family and my career to concentrate on.

Rebecca is about to launch her debut album ‘Heaven’ and will be performing her first single on The X Factor results show tonight. She conceded that many of the songs on her record are about love and heartache but insisted that they weren’t just about Malik.

She went on: “I wrote most of the songs on the album and a lot are about relationships and breaking up with people. It wasn’t just about Zayn.

“He’s lovely but I’m dating now. Well I haven’t actually had any time to go on any dates, but I’ve been texting someone. I don’t know where it’s going, but it’s nice.


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