So One Direction first single, What Makes You Beautiful, was amazing. One Direction‘s second single, Gotta Be You, was amazing. But what is their third single and will it be AMAZING as well?

We can announce that the third single is set to be One Thing and we think it could score them a hattrick. It’s got the fun of What Makes You Beautiful but with the intensity of Gotta Be You. The perfect mix just like them.

The boys played the song for the first time yesterday on Radio 1 and there’s been an many whisperings on Twitter about whether it is definitely the third single. Well, we met up with the One Direction boys last night at their album signing where they confirmed that it is set to be the next single.

This video is absolutely HILARIOUS. We like the bit where Zayn cries, ‘You’re not meant to tell them‘, and then fake slaps Louis….

Oh we love you guys.

We know what you’re thinking, is there more? Is there more of this One Direction action to come?!

YES! YES! YES! We have plenty more One Direction videos to come with chats about toplessness, Caroline Flack, romantic Christmas plans… the works. So keep an eye on Sugarscape.


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