We met up with One Direction last night for an interview we’ve already posted the videos of them talking about their third single One Thing and discussing new album Up All Night. As we’ve pointed out the boys were INSANELY HYPERACTIVE to the point of NONSENSICAL RANDOMNESS but we loved it.

In the next video we HAD to ask Harry Styles about all the Caroline Flack rumours, in particular, the crazy one about them moving in together, but what did he say?!

Harry seemed pretty confused about the whole thing. He explained: „I didnt know anything about this then my mum text me ‘I didn’t know you were moving’.”

Louis became visibly distressed at the idea of Harry Styles moving out. It’s ok Louis, he won’t EVER leave you.

We were also wondering how Harry Styles was going to get revenge on Louis for all his Caroline Flack teasing. We can’t really work out his answer, something about smelling? See if you can de-code it…

Liam – Weinius. Amazing.

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