One Direction were in Ireland signing their new album Up All Night and they were looking fit. Standard.

We couldn’t help but notice that Louis Tomlinson is still wearing his beloved espadrille style shoes. It’s the middle of frickin’ winter Louis! Are they not more of a summer shoe? We reckon he’ll still be wearing these even it snows. Be prepared for some frosty toes.

As happy as the boys were in their group shot they seemed to be perfecting those moody faces we were talking about in their Gotta Be You vid. Faces such as Zayn Malik‘s here.

Maybe the camera just caught them at the wrong time. Or maybe they were a little tired from being Up All Night. Get it?! We’re so hilarious…

For someone who cannot do moody on cue this is pretty good.

Harry Styles‘ is more of a thinking face.

How can Niall Horan look shocked and bored at the same time?

Those party arms aren’t fooling anyone Liam Payne.

Moody faces aside they’re one good looking bunch!


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