As if it’s not hard enough already to compete for One Direction‘s love what with the millions of fans, we’ve now got famous ladies to contend with. Grr. Celebrities are starting to wake up to 1D’s irresistable charm. The most recent being pop star Alexis Jordan who apparently had a bit of a thing for Zayn Malik.

However, Zayn actually rejected Alexis. Would that have happened a year ago?!

According to The Metro, Louis Tomlinson revealed, „This one’s good… Alexis Jordan… she, er, thinks Zayn’s quite hot. They were texting but I don’t think Zayn was very interested.”

Zayn Malik even backed up the story saying, „She messaged me a few times, yeah. But it’s the distance thing. She’s all the way in American – it’s not gonna work.

We love how casual he is about letting Alexis down. Next it’ll be, ‘Well you know I had Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox fighting over me – it was all too much. I had to let them go’.

The boys also revealed that they reckon Nicole Scherzinger, 33, has a thing for Louis while Harry Styles, as we all know, has had attention from Caroline Flack and Peaches Geldoff.


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