One Direction re-visited the studios of Alan Carr’s Chattyman this week for another giggle, and after Zayn Malik‘s dance-off with Alanlast time they popped in, this time the whole group got involved.

The chinos have been replaced with some moody looking wine-coloured trews – which actually look almost exactly the same as Alan’s. Maybe there was an offer on, or Louis put some purple pants in the chino-wash or something.

Louis Tomlinson, as much as we love him and he fills our souls with joy, isn’t the first person who comes to mind when ‘roaring testosterone’ or ‘more masculine than The Rock’ is mentioned.

Neither is Alan Carr for that matter, and when he challenged the One Direction boys to a re-match of the dance off he had with Zayn Malik earlier this year, Louis was the first one to step in, saying „I think I can do camp better than you.

Pulling out the ‘letting the traffic through’ move he showed us in our exclusive interview, Louis really pulled out his campest moves for the occasion, closesly followed by Mr Carr.

Who do you think wins?

Watch the show this Sunday November 27th at 10pm on Channel 4.


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