The two former reality show boy bands both appear alongside the ITV1 show’s 2011 finalists in the new charity video.

X Factor Charity Single

JLS and One Direction both feature in the new music video for this year’s The X Factor Charity single, which was released yesterday evening (25th November).

Both the ‘Gotta Be You’ singers and four-piece JLS were asked to contribute vocals to the show’s charity cover of Rose Royce’s ‘Wishing On A Star’ by The X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

The bands filmed the music video for ‘Wishing On A Star‘ earlier this week alongside the show’s 15 finalists including Little Mix, Amelia Lily and Misha B.

Simon Cowell previously confirmed that all profits made from sales of the single will be donated to children’s charity Together For Short Lives.

Yesterday (25th November) JLS also unveiled the music video for their next single ‘Do You Feel What I Feel?’

‘Wishing On A Star’ will be officially released for download on 27th November.


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