Someone’s trying to steal Caroline Flack from Harry Styles?!

You’ve got no chance there matey…

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack may be love’s young (and also slightly older) dream, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to come between them.

While we worried about insane One Direction fans and their warped death threats coming between Harroline, we took our eyes of the reality-TV-Z-lister ball.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Geordie Shore bloke Greg Lake revealed that he wants to break into acting and presenting, and steal the Flackster.

I didn’t want to just get drunk and sleep around,” he said reaching for a beer and condom.

I want to get into acting, presenting and find love.

“Caroline Flack would be ideal. I think she’s beautiful and Harry is way too young for her anyway.

Hmm, we’re sure you’re lovely and all why aye pet and everything Greg, but do you really think you can take Caroline away from Hazza’s nostrils and curls? Oh we think not.


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