POLL: Top Teen Star Of 2011

It’s that time of year again – time to find out which teen star was your favourite in 2011!

In 2010 we did our first ever Top Teen Star poll, and it was absolutely massive with a total of 640,517 votes.

But who will win this year? Which teen start dominated the charts, and your hearts?

This is also the last time some of our favourite teens can participate in the Top Teen Star poll. Does that mean you want Demi, Selena, Nick or Miley to win? Or should someone younger take out the honour?

Get voting guys. Make sure to gather support on Twitter and Facebook to help your favourite star win. Use the hashtag #topteenstar2011 to spread the word.

This poll will end on Friday December 30 at 12pm Melb/Syd time

 Vote here

Jingle Ball

One Direction

Yes there are five boys, but a true fan loves them all equally. And while Louis is turning 20 on December 24, he was a teen for most of 2011 and so were the rest of the boys. Is their cute Britishness, amazing music and general all round hotness enough to convince you to vote for them?

PETITION: Bring 1D to Australia


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