One Direction
 are heading off on the road to spread sexy joy across the nation on their Up All Night tour. They’re gonna be together even more than they are already, all squished up on a tour bus… naked.

If Harry Styles gets his way.

Harry Styles from One Direction on Children In Need 2011

I don’t think there are going to be many rules on the tour bus,” he told Teen Now.

Clean up after yourself, naked at all times, get up at 9.30 every day – maybe 10, and only one glass of milk before bed.

My tour bus rules are that I get to sleep in a top bunk and that I can go to sleep whenever I want to,” added Niall.

„And I get to eat a lot.

Oh, and definitely no women on the bus!

One Direction on Children In Need 2011

What happens on the tour bus stays on the tour bus…” said Zayn.

Well, apart from Harry’s nakedness, which we’re sure Louis will be raving about to everyone.


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