In a bid to ensure that the world fancies them a little bit more, One Direction have decided to put the image of them naked and in a sauna together in everyone’s minds. Merry Christmas.

The boys who are on tour have just one extravagant requirement for their dressing room and that’s a sauna and hot tub.

Speaking to The Sun, Louis Tomlinson revealed: “That’s it. Before every gig we are having a sauna or a bath together.”

What’s the betting that Niall Horan quickly turns that into a Jacuzzi? Yes that was a fart joke, please excuse us.

If you thought that their bathing would set a mature tone for the rest of the tour then we’re afraid to disappoint you, the boys’ rider requirements are just Jelly Babies, Haribo and clean pants and socks. Hmm the scent of Harry Styles’ clean Y-fronts.

Are you seeing 1D on their tour, will you be attempting to sneak in for some sauna action? We would but those things play havoc with our humidity sensitive hair.


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