The One Direction book, Dare to Dream, has remained in the top 10 bestseller list since it was published!! It must contain some pretty magical content. In fact, we know it does because we’v read it several hundred times and bought it for all our friends. In fact, we might be the reason it’s been in the top 10 bestsellers list for so long…

Anyway we’re giving away five of the books signed by every single one of the 1D boys! It’d be like having a little piece of them with you always and forever.

Crammed with info about Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis Dare to Dream takes you on the journey of the boys rise to fame with personal accounts from each of them. It makes for pretty cute reading with Zayn discussing leaving his family or Harryon  getting used to the press attention or the time they did something with fruit in a bath tub…

What’s more the stories are all illustrated by unseen One Direction photos. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve changed.

So, to enter our One Direction Dare To Dream competition just add us on Twitter and tweet us your wildest One Direction related dream. It could be anything from „Take a romantic holiday with Louis Tomlinson” to „Eat peanut butter jam sandwiches on a cloud while brushing Harry Styles hair”.



„Yo @Sugarscape [insert wildest One Direction related dream here]#sugardaretodream”

And no crazy spam.


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