One Direction fans appeal to their heroes to meet sick girl

Thousands of One Direction fans have been retweeting a video appeal for the X Factor boyband to meet a sick girl called Haley Patterson.

Her best friend, Morgan, has posted an emotional clip online in which she discusses Haley’s muscular dystrophy.

She explains how Haley became wheelchair bound because of the condition when she was six years old.

Hayley Pattinson (Pics:Youtube)

Morgan (right) discussing her friend Haley’s (left) condition

Morgan then says Haley is a huge One Direction fan and she would love for her friend to meet them.

“One Direction have brought her so many tears, so may smiles, so many fan girlie moments because they make her feel like everything’s gonna’ be ok,” Morgan explains. “They make her feel like they’re talking directly to her.

“It may seem like a long shot, kinda crazy, but I wanna give her the chance.”

Hayley Pattinson (Pics:Youtube)

Morgan’s emotions run over

Since then thousands of fans have retweeted the appeal and the topic started was trending for a while.

There’s been no word from 1D boys, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis yet though.

Watch Morgan’s appeal below.


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