One Direction banned from inviting fans on stage after three become victims of online hate campaign

When reports about Caroline Flack’s alleged romance with One Direction’s Harry Styles broke, she received death threats from jealous fans.

But now the dedicated female followers of the boy band have turned on each other after some were invited on stage with the group.

Reports today have claimed that three girls have become the victims of an online hate campaign after they were serenaded by the pin-ups during the opening night of their UK tour last month.

According to the Sunday Mirror, a fan called Hollie Gilbert and two other fans received abusive messages from others fans who were jealous that they had been invited on stage by the band.

And now One Direction have been forced to cancel the audience participation piece from their show since the girls were attacked online.

Hollie and the two other girls – believed to be aged 15 and 17 – were chosen at random to join the boys on stage after One Direction posted an invitation on their Twitter page.

But soon after, they started getting nasty messages with some saying, “I think you’re pathetic”, and “You’re kinda rat-faced”, as well as, “You’re not even pretty, why did Harry choose you?”

And they got so bad that the band have now scrapped their plans to bring any other fans on stage with them during the rest of the tour, which resumes after the Christmas break in Bournemouth on Tuesday.

Speaking to the paper, Hollie, a fashion student from Hertfordshire, said she camped overnight to get her tickets for the opening night in Watford on December 18.

She said she and two other winners were taken to a dressing room and told to pick a dress and a tiara for when the band serenaded them on stage in a candle-lit scene.

Hollie said: ‘I was partnered with Harry. Then they sang to us ­wearing tuxes. Harry was really sweet. The jealous messages ­began ­almost straight away.

‘I think it’s because I was ­partnered with Harry, the most popular member. I’ve tried to ­ignore the messages. But it’s a shame as the band have now cut the whole fan interaction scene from the routine.’

A spokesman for the band said: ‘The girls were brought up on stage for a warm-up show at the ­beginning of the tour as a try. It didn’t work out from a practical point of view.


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