As One Direction head out around the UK on their Up All Night tour,Caroline Flack is said to have jetted off to the sunshine – reportedly leaving an upset Harry Styles behind.

Now magazine report that Caroline is „desperate to get away from it all” after receiving death threats over her relationship with Hazza, and a supposed friend of Caroline’s told the mag that „She just wants to escape for a while – without Harry.

Caroline Flack

Now, while we imagine Harry’s not the kind of bloke to get upset about his girlfriend going away with her mates while he’s on tour with thousands of screaming fans who want to bonk him, apparently he shed a few tears at the news.

He was crying,” a ‘friend’ of his told Now magazine.

„It was frustration more than anything else. He loves spending time with her.

„He’s fallen for her really hard.

„He’d fancied her for months before they got together and now he’s turned into a real romantic.

Harry Styles

She’s his first big relationship.

Some other jammy gossip-monger has told the mag that Caroline „Really likes Harry, but it’s quite telling that she’d rather go away without him.

So there you go.


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