Mates of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were able to admire their His’n’His bathrobes up close and personal on New Year’s Eve, when Larry Stylinson hosted a lavish bash at their flat of dreams – which we imagine to be wallpapered with pictures of the two of them gazing into each other’s eyes, in matching smoking jackets and carpet slippers.

Zayn Malik One Direction

It’s been reported that the lads bought in a shedload of booze – including an alleged 30 bottles of vodka – and that James Corden stopped by to have a swig.

Pics from the party were being tweeted all night and mainly involved the boys being surrounded by girls at all times. Zayn had a smidgen of a wispy moustache and was seen in the middle of a load of brunettes, and a blonde gal was snapped on a bed holding a teddybear that said ‘Harry‘.

We’ll assume she was in Louis’ room.

One Direction on tour 2011 in Manchester

Caroline Flack is said to have spent the night away on holiday with friends, but allegedly took time out to Skype Harry so they could say Happy New Year. Well, he could hardly have joined her over there, she’d get arrested for that kind of behaviour in some states.

Just sayin’.

Must say our New Years party was absolutely crazy!!” tweeted Louis after all the shin-diggery.

What did you guys get up to for NYE?


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