One Direction lads hurt as tour bus is hit by a car

ONE Direction have achieved yet another boyband milestone – by surviving a tour bus crash with only mild whiplash and soiled chinos.

The lads’ Mercedes people carrier was hit by a car on Wednesday night as they returned to their hotel from a gig in Birmingham.

A woman driver smashed into the back of the vehicle at 30mph in Brum — which must have put an abrupt end to their game of travel Connect 4.

Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall were all treated by medics once the police and emergency services arrived.

A source said: “It was a close call. The lads and their two tour managers were pretty shaken up and were treated for varying degrees of whiplash.

Yesterday they were seen by an osteopath who gave them the all-clear.

You could have forgiven them if they’d bailed out of last night’s gig in Plymouth, seeing as they were still suffering, but the boys soldiered on anyway — which must have been a relief for teenage girls in the city.

An insider said: “They came close to cancelling because of the crash but the boys didn’t want to let down their avid fans.

“As soon as they got the all-clear they decided to go ahead with the gig. It’s lucky dancing in their live shows is kept to a minimum so it did not put extra stress on their bodies.

Although the boys were unharmed there is no word on whether their hair straighteners and gel survived.

Harry will be devastated if their Bizarre Shaggers Of The Year award was damaged.


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