Caroline Flack to reunite with Harry Styles for Zayn Malik birthday night?

Caroline Flack has returned from her festive break in India and is no doubt looking forward to a good old catch up with One Direction star Harry Styles.

It’s a busy time for the stars as Harry is currently on tour with OD, wowing thousands of screaming girls across the country, while Caroline is ready to get back to work, rehearsing for her role as presenter of ITV2’s coverage of the National Television Awards, later this month.

But the lovebirds could have a window of opportunity to hook up this Thursday, when Zayn Malik celebrates his 19th birthday.

The One Direction lads are known to love a party and what better excuse than a birthday to throw a star-studded bash.

If Caroline can’t wait till then, she could pop along to see her man in action, when One Direction play London’s HMV Apollo on Tuesday and Wednesday night. We’re sure she’ll be able to blag a backstage pass.

Although sure to have missed her boy, Caroline has clearly had a ball on her trip, Tweeting: “Am sad to leave goa… Met some lovely people.. I leave with happy memories, 4 mosquito bites and a sarong… Good times :)

Prior to the holiday, the 32 year old indicated she was going to take a break from Twitter, but she returned to send New Year wishes to followers and to respond to jealous One Direction fans, who once again used the social networking site to slam her relationship with 17 year old Harry.

Replying to a rant about rumours she had broken Harry’s heart, theXtra Factor host responded: “shish! Better stay on holiday..”

Another Harry lover Tweeted: “You Broke the harrys heart… now we will broke your face… [sic],” to which Caroline simply responded: “nice!

Zayn’s birthday celebrations better not be too rowdy as the boyband travel to Glasgow the next day to play three sold out shows at the Clyde Auditorium.


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