One Direction are still in the middle of taking Up All Night around the UK, and are already thinking about their next adventures in America.

They’re off on tour with Big Time Rush , and are getting themselves in gear for ‘cracking the US’, as they say in music-land, but also for some intense sunbathing. Natch.

We go on tour with an American band called Big Time Rush in February,” Liam told the Daily Star.

They seem like great lads and we can’t wait.

“Mostly we can’t wait for hot weather to get a tan.”

This means… topless holiday snaps?

We know America is tough so we want to work hard,” Liam continued.

“When we went before there were a lot of fans at the airport and at our hotel,” added Niall. As if he didn’t expect it or something bonkers along those lines. Tsk.

“They had come from all over the US.”

Well, from the success of the #Bring1DtoUS campaigns we’ve seen, we’re betting on the boys having a helluva lot more fans next time they go across the pond.

Any American Directioners out there reading this?


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