Right at this very moment, Editor Girl Dory is on an airplane heading back from London, where she had the chance to meet Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam of One Direction! Dory chatted with the boys one-on-one and then took in her very first One Direction concert, which she describes as “amazing!”

“I LOVE THEM!” Dory writes from London. “They are all soooo cute, sweet and funny; when I met them they gave me kisses on the cheek :) They are all very nice, down-to-earth guys and the concert was great. The girls in the audience were going nuts!”

Dory will fill you in on all the deets when she gets back, but we couldn’t resist giving you all this sneak peek right away!

Here’s a look at One Direction’s concert at HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London:


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