One Direction record Happy Birthday message for brave Charlie Hook

Boyband One Direction have recorded a video birthday message for a little boy from Hull battling an aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Charlie Hook, of west Hull, turns 6 today – exactly one year since he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Now, all five members of One Direction, who found fame on the X Factor, have wished the youngster a happy birthday.

In the recording, Harry Styles says: „Hi Charlie, we are One Direction and we want to say a massive happy birthday.

„Have a great day. Bye.

The message was the idea of Andy Newton-Lee, who is originally from east Hull and now runs a celebrity relocation business in Hollywood, London and Australia.

The former Hollyoaks star beat skin cancer in 2005 and has recently donated £1,700 to the £300,000 Charlie Hook Appeal, which has been launched to take Charlie for treatment abroad if he relapses.

Andy, 30, said: „I am hoping we can raise the profile of the appeal by maybe bringing in some celebrities to support it.


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