The latest Harry Styles / Caroline Flack rumours to come spinning out of the press today are based around the theme of Caroline thinking her relationship with Harry is a bit of fun, and that it won’t last.


This comes after the gossips last week said that Caroline didn’t see the relationship lasting beyond the summer.

Caroline Flack in white top

I think Caroline’s been treating the relationship as a fling,” an apparent insider tells Look magazine.

She’s 32, and she’s bound to be starting to think about settling down and having a family.

„She must’ve assumed Harry was too young to be that guy, so was talking about ending things before either of them get hurt.

Harry’s desperate to prove he means business,” the gossiper continues.

He pulled out all the stops at Christmas to spoil her with a £1,500 Mulberry bag and has been saying he’s planning a romantic trip for his 18th birthday in February.

„It’s all about proving he has what it takes to be a mature boyfriend. He’s even been pictured babysitting his make-up artist’s son, showing he’s not afraid of responsibility.”

WELL. Apparently Harry’s way of showing his maturitys is to ask Cazza to move in with him.

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