It looks like Harry Styles is thinking of stepping things up a notch in his relationship with Caroline Flack, if today’s reports are to be believed.

Apparently Hazza wants Caroline to ‘realise how serious he is’ about their love-fest, and reckons shacking up together is the best way to go about it.

Harry Styles from One Direction on stage at the radio 1 teen awards 2011

Harry’s asked Caroline to move in with him once his US tour ends,” an insider told Look magazine this week.

He’s been looking at flats in north London and I think he’s hoping it will prove to Caroline he’s ready for the big stuff.”

But Caroline’s rumoured to have not quite made her mind up about taking the next step just yet.

She’s not going to rush into moving in with someone who’s probably never washed his own clothes,” says the source.

Well, source-face, we know for a fact that Harry washes his own pants these days. He explained it all to us in great detail here.

Caroline Flack outside the X Factor studios

All Harry can do is keep acting in a mature way,” says the snitcher.

He knows when he flashes his big smile, Caroline can’t resist him. That’s how he won her over.

We’re imagining Harry holding Caroline’s hands, grinning at her like a loon while slowly backing into a brand spanking new flat.

It’s a bit creepy really.

Last time we saw the boys we mentioned some rumours about Haroline moving in together to Harry. Check out what he said here.


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