This morning we told you that UK magazines were reporting that Harry Styles had allegedly asked Caroline Flack to move in with him when One Direction finish their tour.

The angle the mag had gone with was that ‘Harry is keen to show Caroline how mature he is,’ and decided that suggesting they live together would do the trick.

Naturally, Caroline’s been bombarded with tweets about it all (as we imagine she is every single day), and responded to someone who asked her;

„Are you really moving in with harry?:) haha” (sic)

Flackers’ reponse was just an „oh. My .Lord! Ha ha” (sic)

Which we’ll guess means something along the lines of „BUGGER OFF! NO! AGH!” that she feels she can’t really say.

So there we go.

Straight from the cougar’s keyboard.

She also tweeted that she’s decided on a dress for the National Television Awards tomorrow night, which we can’t wait to see – especially after her recent trip to the hair salon, she’s sure to put us all to shame.

*picks chocolate out of hair*



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