Example Tells The Hot Hits: “Harry Styles Was Designed By God”

One Direction are the hottest boy band in the world right now — and it turns out they have a big fan in UK rapper/singer Example!

We chatted to Example today and got the low down on what he thinks of 1D, plus got his opinion on Harry’s “liaisons with older women”.

Example told thehothits.com, “They are undoubtedly going to be huge. They’re five young good looking guys, and there’s a real space for them in the market at the moment. There’s nothing like them in America, or the UK or any country.

And Example revealed that he is friends with Harry — and had a few words to say about his antics! 17 year old Harry is currently rumoured to be dating 32 year old Caroline Flack, and Example had a few words to say about the youngest member of 1D.

He continued, “I know Harry pretty well, and he’s really really down to earth. He’s only 17, and he’s in the press all the time for his liaisons with older women. And I just think fair play to him! If I was 17 and seeing the world and sleeping with women ten years older than me I’d be pretty happy. So fair play to One Direction for all of their naughty achievements.

He added, “I haven’t met the others, but Harry certainly he’s got quite a rock n roll attitude to life. I think rock n roll’s just a mindset isn’t it, it doesn’t necessarily mean sex and drugs and rock n roll.

“I like these boy bands that come out and they’re not pansies. They’re just young men having a laugh. And that’s what I like about them.

And we mentioned Harry’s very strong online fanbase, and Example understood exactly why everyone is in love with him.

Example said, “Well he looks like he was designed by god doesn’t he!


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