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Example Tells The Hot Hits: “Harry Styles Was Designed By God”

One Direction are the hottest boy band in the world right now — and it turns out they have a big fan in UK rapper/singer Example!

We chatted to Example today and got the low down on what he thinks of 1D, plus got his opinion on Harry’s “liaisons with older women”.

Example told thehothits.com, “They are undoubtedly going to be huge. They’re five young good looking guys, and there’s a real space for them in the market at the moment. There’s nothing like them in America, or the UK or any country.

And Example revealed that he is friends with Harry — and had a few words to say about his antics! 17 year old Harry is currently rumoured to be dating 32 year old Caroline Flack, and Example had a few words to say about the youngest member of 1D.

He continued, “I know Harry pretty well, and he’s really really down to earth. He’s only 17, and he’s in the press all the time for his liaisons with older women. And I just think fair play to him! If I was 17 and seeing the world and sleeping with women ten years older than me I’d be pretty happy. So fair play to One Direction for all of their naughty achievements.

He added, “I haven’t met the others, but Harry certainly he’s got quite a rock n roll attitude to life. I think rock n roll’s just a mindset isn’t it, it doesn’t necessarily mean sex and drugs and rock n roll.

“I like these boy bands that come out and they’re not pansies. They’re just young men having a laugh. And that’s what I like about them.

And we mentioned Harry’s very strong online fanbase, and Example understood exactly why everyone is in love with him.

Example said, “Well he looks like he was designed by god doesn’t he!


When One Direction couldn’t make it out to the hoardes of fans waiting for them outside Dublin’s O2 Arena last night, Liam Payne‘s parents stepped in to meet the girls and have their pictures taken with them.

Geoff and Karen Payne. Geoff and Karen. Karen and Geoff. Good couple names aren’t they?

„I’m having a dinner party with Geoff and Karen.” Yeah. That totally works.

Liam Payne's parents Geoff and Karen

Back in September before What Makes You Beautiful was released, Geoff (of Geoff and Karen) spoke about how proud he was of Liam.

Liam Payne from One Direction's parents posing with fans

Me and Liam’s mum are extremely proud of all of the boys, who we regard as extended family,” he told The Express.

Now they’re flying with the boys all over the world (well, to Ireland for now) to see them sell out arenas!

Jeez, we better buy our parents some chocolate or something, we suddenly feel like under-achievers.


Today has been very Niall Horan themed and we’re loving it.

As you know, One Direction played to a sold out O2 Arena in Dublin last night. As you also know (you guys are wise), One Direction have a part in their show where they read out tweets from the audience.

One such tweet asked Niall Horan to do some Irish dancing, seeing as he was back in the motherland ‘n’ all.

Niall Horan irish dancing in Dublin on One Direction tour

Well HE BLOODY DID and it went like this (thanks, person who made the video).

Don’t worry Niall, you’ve got many other redeeming qualities

We’re loving these tweet suggestions. Some other gals had the boys doing Inbetweeners dancing a few days ago.



One Direction played a sold out ARENA in Dublin last night, and it all seemed to get a bit emotional for them.

As far as we know, most of the boys’ parents flew over to see them, and Niall in particular was getting very excited about playing such a big venue in his home country.

Niall Horan at One Direction show in Dublin o2 arena

Ireland! Absolutely incredible is an understatement,” he tweeted after the show.

Thank you for a lovely welcome home! Had goosebumps all night and a tear in my eye!

„#Irishandproud small nation but we can sure make a hell of a lot of noise! Love you all! Dream come true.”

One Direction on stage in Dublin o2 Arena

One Direction's Harry Styles on stage in Dublin o2 Arena

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan on stage with One Direction in Dublin 02 arena

One Direction on stage in o2 arena dublin, ireland

The boys are playing in Belfast tonight.


One Direction played one of the the Irish dates of their Up All Night tour in Dublin yesterday, and before the show kicked off Niall Horanheaded out to Grafton Street for a bit of casual shopping, with a bodyguard and loads of fans around him.

Well, it would be rude to keep a face that beautiful hidden away indoors, wouldn’t it?

One Direction's Niall Horan out in Dublin

With his red zippy, red trainers, and bags from Office, River Island and Topman, Niall looked like a RIGHT fashionista.

One Direction's Niall Horan out and about in Dublin

When he got back to his hotel he found a load of 1D fans waiting about for him, so – ever the gent – he stopped for a few pictures and was looking gorgeous.

One Direction's Niall Horan out in Dublin

Niall Horan from One Direction posing with fans in Dublin

One Direction's Niall Horan posing with fans in Dublin

Check out his security guard trying to nab himself Niall’s new shoes! Heh.

Oh Niall, YOU FITTIE. Come hang out with us soon. We’ve got snacks.


This morning we told you that UK magazines were reporting that Harry Styles had allegedly asked Caroline Flack to move in with him when One Direction finish their tour.

The angle the mag had gone with was that ‘Harry is keen to show Caroline how mature he is,’ and decided that suggesting they live together would do the trick.

Naturally, Caroline’s been bombarded with tweets about it all (as we imagine she is every single day), and responded to someone who asked her;

„Are you really moving in with harry?:) haha” (sic)

Flackers’ reponse was just an „oh. My .Lord! Ha ha” (sic)

Which we’ll guess means something along the lines of „BUGGER OFF! NO! AGH!” that she feels she can’t really say.

So there we go.

Straight from the cougar’s keyboard.

She also tweeted that she’s decided on a dress for the National Television Awards tomorrow night, which we can’t wait to see – especially after her recent trip to the hair salon, she’s sure to put us all to shame.

*picks chocolate out of hair*