Louis Tomlinson put a rather nice picture in our heads while we were interviewing One Direction for this issue of We Love Pop… him without his clothes.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… „WHAT, NOT EVEN HIS BRACES?!

Well, originally it seemed that way. But unfortunately the story turned out like a really rubbish American soap opera… It was all just a dream.

When I was young I had a recurring nightmare that I forgot all my clothes

Sounds more like a dream to us Lou, but whatevs.

„It took me until I got into the playground to realise that I was completely naked!

Grab yourself a copy of the current issue of We Love Pop to hear more stories of nakedness and naughtiness from One Dizzle.

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When One Direction were in the Toon last night on the Geordie date of their tour they hooked up with the ultimate Newcastle drinking partners for a night out on the lash.

God knows how many girls they tashed on with or if they got in there like swimwear, but it does seem like they managed to form a little bit of a bromance and develop some weird, secret hand signal that we don’t understand.

So it looks like the cast of Geordie Shore have been pretty busy loving pop recently. (As well as being busy on their Instagram apps). But we’re happy to be sharing their photo album with 1D.



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