As One Direction head out around the UK on their Up All Night tour,Caroline Flack is said to have jetted off to the sunshine – reportedly leaving an upset Harry Styles behind.

Now magazine report that Caroline is „desperate to get away from it all” after receiving death threats over her relationship with Hazza, and a supposed friend of Caroline’s told the mag that „She just wants to escape for a while – without Harry.

Caroline Flack

Now, while we imagine Harry’s not the kind of bloke to get upset about his girlfriend going away with her mates while he’s on tour with thousands of screaming fans who want to bonk him, apparently he shed a few tears at the news.

He was crying,” a ‘friend’ of his told Now magazine.

„It was frustration more than anything else. He loves spending time with her.

„He’s fallen for her really hard.

„He’d fancied her for months before they got together and now he’s turned into a real romantic.

Harry Styles

She’s his first big relationship.

Some other jammy gossip-monger has told the mag that Caroline „Really likes Harry, but it’s quite telling that she’d rather go away without him.

So there you go.


One Direction turn into X Factor ladies’ men as Niall Horan bags Amelia Lily

The pair are said to have been ‘secretly dating’ since meeting at the studios earlier in the series.

And despite the pink-haired lady previously being linked to cheeky Harry Styles, it seems blonde cutie Niall is the One Direction boy with all the charm as he won Amelia’s affections.

The couple met when last year’s X Factor boyband teamed up with 2008 runners-up JLS and the X Factor finalists on charity single Wishing On A Star and are now said to ‘like each other a lot.’

A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘Niall and Amelia met backstage after One Direction performed on the show. 

‘Although Harry spent most time with her, it was Niall whose eye she caught. Niall can be pretty shy but he made his feelings clear. 

‘After swapping numbers, they were texting all week and met up on a secret date in London where they kissed for the first time.

Niall failed to keep his affections for the 17-year-old rock chick hidden as he tweeted his support for her during Saturday night’s semi-final show.

‘round one goes to miss amelia lily for me! cmon little mix ,not a disaster they will kill it next song! they lookin good tonight,’ he wrote before adding: ‘little mix and amelia deffinate finalists! love them.’

But the source added that Amelia has been trying to keep her head down and make sure their romance remains a secret.

The One Direction boys certainly seem to be fond of having X Factor arm candy given that Harry is apparently dating Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack, 15-years his senior at 32, and Zayn Malik was last week linked to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

Niall is keen to get the three couples out on a triple date as well.

The source added: ‘With things getting serious between Harry and Caroline – they are always running off to grab five minutes over the phone and secretly arranging to meet up – Niall has been joking about them all triple-dating, along with Perrie and Zayn.


Let’s all spare a thought for Olly Murs. Not so long ago everyone was raving about the chemistry between him and his Xtra Factor co-host Caroline Flack, but now the Murs has been usurped by a younger model in the form of Harry Styles.

And, like many a soul who has dealt with a love that never was, Olly ended up helping the One Direction singer land a kiss with Caroline.

Harry likes older women and he’s always openly spoken to me about how much he likes Caroline,” said Olly to OK! magazine.

He’s always texting me saying: ‘Caroline is so hot, put in a good word’.”

„Then at an awards night they had a bit of a snog!”

Oh Olly you poor lamb, sitting on the sidelines, trying to conceal your love for the Flackster by pushing her into the arms of another. Someone get us a tissue quickly please.


When Sugarscape met up with Olly Murs last night there was one thing that we absolutely HAD to ask him about. His and Caroline Flack‘s interview with One Direction on Xtra Factor! It was the most brilliantly awkward exchange we’ve ever witnessed. It even resulted in Harry Styles giving a bunch of flowers and a kiss on the cheek to Olly instead of Cazza to spare his blushes!

It would have been awkward enough for Caroline and Harry anyway, since they’d allegedly been involved in some smooching, but Olly andLouis Tomlinson did everything they could to make poor Caroline feel even more uncomfortable! We would have felt sorry for her if it wasn’t so funny!

We also asked Olly about his own chemistry with Caroline Flack. Is there a bit of an Olly-Caroline-Harry love triangle going on here?!

Check out the interview.

We’d love Caroline and Olly to get together! Then we could have Harry to ourselves…

What did you think of the Xtra Factor interview? Reckon Olly and Louis were funny? Was Louis more to blame?!


The first time anyone has sex is a big enough deal as it is, without being scared of any vampire / Harry Styles babies coming out of it.

ISN’T IT HARRY? *raises eyebrow*

Hazza was so nervous the first time he hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing that he thought he’d got his lady-friend up the duff.

The first time I had sex I was scared I got the girl pregnant – that was despite the fact we were safe,” he told OK!

„Luckily we were fine.”

It sounds like those initial worries have safely embedded themselves into Harry’s brain, as he’s fully supportive of having safe sex.

To get lazy and say you’ll be fine is selfish,” he said.

„I’d never risk not wearing a condom – it’s too much of a risk. You can say it’ll never happen to you but I bet most people it happens to say that. If you’re not ready for a child, then don’t risk it.”

Wise words Harry.

Wonder if he uses the JLS range?


SMITTEN telly star Caroline Flack has asked her One Direction toyboy Harry Styles to move in with her.

Styles, 17, told his bandmates the news of the 32-year-old’s shock offer on Friday night during BBC charity appeal Children In Need.

A source said: “Harry told the lads, and basically anyone within earshot, that Caroline has asked him to move in to her place.

“He seemed completely made up about it. He was grinning like he’d just won the lottery.

The news will be a hammer blow to the teen pin-up’s hardcore fans who are still reeling after the couple were spotted enjoying a cosy meal together last week.

Some of them were so incensed that they bombarded the Xtra Factor host with death threats. The rumours of a romance – despite a 15-year age gap – first surfaced last month when it emerged that the couple had kissed on a night out.

Later, Harry wrote on Twitter: “Sometimes things happen and you suddenly get a whole new outlook on life.

And his bandmate Louis Tomlinson, 19, stoked rumours by revealing: “Harry’s found the one now.

The news also leaves the hopes of Xtra Factor presenter Caroline’s rock star ex Dave Danger in ruins.

According to pals, he was hoping to rekindle their three-year relationship, which ended in 2009.

Last night a friend of distraught Dave – former drummer with indie rock band The Holloways – said: “Caroline and Dave have been in constant contact since they split two years ago.

They only split because their work schedules meant they hardly saw each other.

“But there was no doubt that they were still in love with each other. “Caroline was very open with the fact she had hoped for a reconciliation.

“Over the last few weeks, they’ve been spending more and more time together.

“But suddenly she completely cooled off and has left Dave hanging.

It’s come at the same time as she was linked with Harry.

“At first Dave just laughed and thought the rumours about her kissing him were just a practical joke. Harry is just a kid.

“But as Caroline started to dodge dates and fail to return texts, he thinks she must be serious about this kid.

“He thinks she’s lost the plot.

“He wants to talk to her about her actions but she cut him dead.


Even though it’s hard for us to swallow we know that One Direction’s Harry Styles has a major crush on Caroline Flack. They have kissed and when she interviewed him on Xtra Factor he was practically drooling. Now he has opened up about it and admits he’d like to take her on a date…. to McDonalds.

Wow Harry what a charmer. You could treat her to a Big Mac or even splash out on a KFC and show her your Whopper.

Harry Styles told Now magazine, „She’s very nice. I do have a crush on her.

*Heart breaks into a thousand pieces.*

He continued, „If she asked me I’d love to take her out. How about McDonalds?

However, a down-in-the-dumps Harry accepts that she might be already taken, by Olly Murs.

Apparently she’s seeing Olly Murs. I wouldn’t want to share her with Olly.”

What a love triangle, ay?